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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Creating Procedures in TDL

This post illustrates how to create Procedures in TDL.

TDL Procedures are different from the procedures/functions used in other programming languages. A TDL proceedure is basically a collection of SQL-Columns that is returned to the calling program.

To create a Procedure, you define a Collection that starts with an underscore. Next, SQLValues attribute defines the columns that you require to be returned to the calling program.

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;; PRODUCT-ID: dr205cfa-1e7f-3f9a-32h8-acr50a55436e
;; AUTHOR: Shweta Computers

;; Procedures must begin with _ (underscore) in TDL
;; Procedures return data to the calling program
[Collection: _MyVouchers]
;;This collection is based on the pre-defined type Voucher
Type : Voucher

SQLValues : Voucher Date : $Date
SQLValues : Voucher Type : $VoucherTypeName
SQLValues : Voucher Number : $VoucherNumber
SQLValues : Voucher Reference : $VoucherReference
SQLValues : Voucher Amount : $Amount

1) SQLValues is an attribute that can be used with Collection
2) SQLValues requires TWO parameters
1st Parameter : Column Name
2nd Parameter : Column Value (usually this is a Method/Field Name)

3) Procedures can be invoked using SQLRequest() function of RTSlink DLL
as given below:

SQLRequest("Call _MyVouchers")

4) For more information on how to use the SQLRequest() function, refer link www.rtslink.com

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