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Friday, March 18, 2011

Guidelines for Tally Customization Services Providers

Tally Solutions has recently provided some useful guidelines for Tally Solution providers. This would be helpful both for the Solution providers and the End-Users (Customers).

Below are few key guidelines while engaging with the customers on Solution Business:

·       AMC on Code Maintenance  
Make sure that you state (in writing), the need for your customers to enter into an AMC on customization so that the code is maintained for future version & release compatibility. This is typically 30% (of customization cost) per year and is payable 90 days after go-live.  Alternatively mention that code rework will cost INR 5,400/7,200 per man day in case customer does not want to go for AMC.
In case you have not made this clear for existing customizations, please ensure that you do so at the earliest to avoid conflicts.
·       IP (Intellectual Property) of the Customization Code 
The communication in the proposal has to be very clear on who owns the IP (Source Code) of the customization done: is it your customer or you.
·       Testing Timelines
Proposal should contain clear timelines for the customer to test the customization and get back with any issues. This is typically 90 days from final implementation.
Solution Business engagement templates (listed below) are available in this link ‘Partner Portal (www.tallysolutions.com - use your login) > Resource Centre > Tally Integrator’
·        Pre-Proposal Checklist
·        Requirement Specification Template
·        Commercial Proposal (2 formats)
·        Customization Proposal
·        Implementation – Project Plan
·        Options for Service Agreement
·        High-Level Design Template
·        Low-Level Design Template
·        Sample Data
·        Web Integration POC

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