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Friday, August 10, 2007

Example 36: Disabling menu-options in Tally 7.2

This post illustrates how to disable a menu-option in Tally 7.2.

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;;Disabling Menu options in Tally 7.2

;;Global formula definition
[System: Formula]
locSR : $$LocaleString:"Sales Register"
locPR : $$LocaleString:"Purchase Register"

;;Add a new menu-item to the Gateway of Tally
[#Menu:Gateway of Tally]
Item : Example 35: Menu : My Menu

[Menu: My Menu]
;;1st Menu option
Item: @@locSR : Display : Sales Register : ##ShowSR

;;2nd Menu option
;;This option is disable as variable ShowPR is set to NO
Item: @@locPR : Display : Purchase Register : ##ShowPR

Item: Blank
Key Item: @@locQuit

[System: Variable]
ShowSR : Yes
ShowPR : No

[Variable: ShowSR]
Type : Logical

[Variable: ShowPR]
Type : Logical

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