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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Example 34: Using Validate Attribute at FIELD definition level

This post illustrates how to use "Validate" Attribute at FIELD definition level.

Download TDL34

;;Using "Validate" attribute at FIELD definition level

;; Add a new menu-item to the Gateway of Tally. Note that the Action is
;; ALTER (and not display)

[#Menu:Gateway of Tally]
Item : Example 34 : Alter : My Report

[Report: My Report]
Form: My Form

[Form: My Form]
Part: My Part

[Part: My Part]
Line: My Line

[Line: My Line]
Fields: My Field1

[Field: MyField1]
Use: Name Field

;;Validates that the Field Value must not be Empty.
;;Similar to the "Control" attribute but does not display any message
Validate : NOT $$IsEmpty:$$Value
$IsEmpty checks whether the parameter passed is Empty or not.
Syntax: $$IsEmpty:
2) $$Value
Returns the value of the current field

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