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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Report Inheritance : How to Create new Reports based on existing Reports?

Program TDL28 illustrates the concept of Report Inheritance. i.e. creating a new Report based on a existing Report. Download TDL28

;; PRODUCT-ID: cd205cfa-1d7f-4f9a-92h8-ace40a5943be
;; AUTHOR: Shweta Computers

;;Modify the Gateway of Tally menu to add a new Menu item
[#Menu: Gateway of Tally]
Add: Item: My Daybook: Display: My Daybook

;;Report Definition
[Report: My Daybook]

;;This inherits the functionality of existing (pre-defined) Report
Use : Voucher Register

;;Change the default Period
Set : SVFROMDATE: $$DateFrom
Set : SVTODATE : $$DateTo

;; Notes:-
;; 1) $$DateFrom function returns the date from which the period begins
;; 2) $$DateTo function returns the date with which the period ends
;; 3) SVFROMDATE is a pre-defined Global variable
;; 4) SVToDATE is a pre-defined Global variable

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