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Wednesday, February 7, 2007


This TCP file has been provided by Mr Vikas Thapar, Ludhiana, Punjab. You can reach him at akshitthapar@yahoo.com

BUYCON.TCP displays Ledger help-list in the "Supplementary Details" section of Sales Voucher (in EDIT mode).

Steps to use BUYCON.TCP
1) Include BUYCON.TCP in the Tally.ini file as described in the Introduction blog section.
2) Use option "Gateway of Tally -> F12 -> Invoice/Order Entry" and enable the "Accept Supplementary details" option.
3) Modify any existing Sales Voucher. Move on to the Buyer's details section (yellow-color window) and press spacebar in the BUYER field. This will bring forth the Ledger help-list.

Click here to download the Buycon compiled file.

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