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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Local and Global Formulae

A Formulae is like a macro used in other programming languages. It allows you to define a NAME for a value.

Local Formulae

[Field: My Field]
Set as: @Company
Company: "ABC PVT LTD"

In the above field definition, the "Set as" attribute is used to set the value of the field using a local formulae "Company" To access local formulae, "@" symbol is used.

Global Formulae
[System: Formula]
MyBackgroundColor: "Yellow"

[Field: MyField]
Set as: "www.tdlplayground.blogspot.com"
Background: @@MyBackgroundColor

When you require a formula in more than one fields, you need to create a Global formula. To access Global formula value, the symboll "@@" is used.

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