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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Example 9: The power of Inheritance

The keyword "USE" allows you to inherit from other Objects. Example:-

;;This defines a style named "MyStyleBold"
[Style: MyStyleBold]
Font: Verdana
Bold: Yes
Height: 8

;;This defines a style named "MyStyleBoldLarge" that inherits from style "MyStyleBold"
[Style: MyStyleBoldLarge]
Use: MyStyleBold
Height: 15

You may define Objects that inherit from any other User-defined Object or even from the default TDL Objects. In simple words, you can define a report which inherits from the default TDL report "Balance Sheet" and then you may customize it as per your requirement.

Click here to download the Example 9 compiled file and the source-code.

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