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Friday, February 23, 2007

Example 15: Add Salesman field in "Sales Voucher" entry screen

Add a Salesman field in the default Voucher Entry screen. This field should appear
only when the Voucher type is Sales

;;User-defined field definition
[System: UDF]
;;Syntax: <Field>: <FieldType>: <Index>
;;<Index> can be any value between 1000 to 9000. It relates to the Index order
;;while arranging fields in a Report. This is not relevant at present, so we
;; shall use any value between 1000 to 9000.
Salesman: String: 1001

;;This Modifies the default Voucher Entry screen. You need to mention which part of
;;the Voucher entry screen is to be modified. "EI BaseInfo" is a Part defined
;;in the default Tally TDL

[#Part: EI BaseInfo]

;; IF the VoucherType is Sales, then the Optional Part EI SALESMAN is activated
;; $$IsSales is an Internal Function defined in the default TDL
;; ##SVVoucherType is a Global Variable defined in the default TDL
Option: EI Salesman: $$IsSales:##SVVoucherType

;;This is how we define the Optional Part.
[!Part: EI Salesman]
Add: Line: lnSalesman

[Line: lnSalesman]
Add: Field: lblSalesman
Add: Field: fldSalesman

;;This is the label (text)
[Field: lblSalesman]
Info: "Salesman: "
Width: 15

;;This is where the User will input the "Salesman"
[Field: fldSalesman]
Use: Short Name Field
Storage: Salesman
Width: 20

Click here to download the Example 15 compiled file and the source-code.

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