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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Example 11: Objects & Collections

Objects in TDL are classified as Internal Objects and External Objects.

Internal Objects
There are several pre-defined Internal Objects in TDL viz. Company, Group, Ledger, Stock Group, Stock Item, Voucher, Voucher Type etc.

External Objects or User-defined Objects
You can define your own Objects in TDL. Example:-

[Object: Contact1]
Name: "Dinesh Shukla"
Email: abc@mycompany.com
Phone: "9987654321"

[Object: Contact2]
Name: "Aakash Choudhary"
Email: xyz@mycompany.com
Phone: "123456"

We shall be using Internal and External Objects quite frequently in the succeeding sections of this tutorial.

A Group of Objects is referred as a Collection. You can create a collection of the Objects as follows:-

[Collection: My Collection]
Object: Contact1
Object: Contact2

A Program illustrating the use of Objects and Collection is provided for your reference. Click here to download the Example 11 compiled file and the source-code.

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