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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Example 10: UDFs

You can add new fields in any Master entry screen or Voucher entry screen by creating UDFs (User-defined Fields). UDFs can be of type String, Number, Date, Logical, Amount, Quantity or Rate.

[System: UDF]
<UDF Name>: <UDF Type>: <Index>: <Is Repeatable>

[System: UDF]
MyUDF: String: 1000
1) UDFs are to be defined at the System level.
2) Each UDF must be given a Unique Name.
3) As Index number is to be provided for evey UDF which must be between 1 to 9999.
4) Is Repeatable specifies whether the UDF holds single or multiple values. By default, it is NO, meaning the UDF can store a single value only.

Example:- Adding a new field in the Ledger Master
;;UDF definition
[System: UDF]
MyUDF: String: 1000

;;Modify the Ledger Master entry screen and add a new line
[#Part: Led Other Details]
Add: Line: MyLine

[Line: My Line]
Field: Short Prompt,My Field
;;Display Text
Local: Field: Short Prompt: Set as: "UDF field: "

[Field: My Field]
Use: Short Name Field
Storage: MyUDF

Click here to download the Example 10 compiled file and the source-code.

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